Discovery and Development

We have historically focused our research and drug development capabilities on discovering and developing small molecule compounds that can prevent or treat infectious diseases. Infectious diseases are caused by pathogens that are present in the environment, such as viruses and bacteria, which enter the body through various means and overwhelm its natural defenses and cause an infection. The severity of an infectious disease varies depending on the nature of the infectious pathogen, as well as the degree to which the body’s immune system or available therapies can prevent or fight the infection.

The use of anti-infective drugs has led to a significant reduction in the morbidity and mortality associated with infectious diseases. However, for many infectious diseases current treatment options are associated with suboptimal treatment outcomes, significant adverse or toxic side effects, the emergence of drug resistant pathogens, complex dosing schedules and inconvenient methods of administration. These factors often lead to patients prematurely discontinuing treatment or not fully complying with treatment dosing schedules, resulting in a treatment failure. Moreover, a patient’s failure to comply fully with a recommended dosing schedule can both exacerbate the emergence of drug-resistant strains. We believe there remain significant unmet needs for new therapies for infectious disease and related respiratory and inflammatory disorders.

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